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Lady Gaga Invites People At Fame Party To Watch Her Sleep

Lady Gaga throws parties like no other celebrity. To mark the end of the New York Fashion Week and celebrate her first fragrance, Lady Gaga invited people at “Fame” party to watch her sleep.

It sounds just a bit too eccentric doesn’t it? Well, we’re talking about Lady Gaga. For her eccentricity is all in a day’s work. So why not throw a sort of slumber party for her famous friends at the Guggenheim Museum. It sounds unusual enough to get everybody’s attention. So celebrities such as Marc Jacobs or Paris Hilton showed up at the party to watch Lady Gaga sleep.

The New York Daily News writes that Lady Gaga showed up one hour earlier to the Guggenheim Museum and managed to bypass reporters. Around 9 p.m. the artist began her performance called “Sleeping with Gaga”, the highlight event of her party: the slumber itself.

Lady Gaga slept in an egg installation that allowed guests to stick their fingers through a hole and touch her during her sleep. Yes, it doesn’t sound creepy at all. 45 minutes later, Lady Gaga was done with sleeping and assistants took her out of the egg installation and “stripped her down to lingerie and thigh highs”.

It didn’t take long before Lady Gaga returned back to her egg, but this time with a tattoo artist and got a new tattoo live during her “Fame” and Fashion Week party. An insider explained Lady Gaga worked very hard for her “Fame” launch party and personally handpicked the guests. “She personally decided who got the nod for invitations and who couldn’t come” the source explained.

It looks like Lady Gaga is super serious about her new fragrance “Fame” if she tried that hard to be extra eccentric for one launch party. In an interview with CNN, Lady Gaga explained “Fame has a very interesting prospect with dangerous encounters around the corner…Fame is ultimately about the cycles of desire and how to do away with them or manage them well”.

But when you take the fancy words out, Lady Gaga herself admits her fragrance is going to smell slutty. “I wanted it to smell slutty, to be totally honest…I don’t think that women need to smell interesting. I have an interesting mind but I want to smell like a slut” Lady Gaga explained.

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