Lady Gaga Hospitalized for Altitude Sickness

Unfortunately for the famous star, Lady Gaga had to be hospitalized. Apparently, the singer is suffering from altitude sickness. Gaga revealed the news herself, posting a selfie of herself wearing an oxygen mask. 

The news was revealed on late Wednesday, when Gaga claimed that she needed medical assistance for her problem. The hospitalization occurred after Gaga’s concert, which took place in Denver. “Altitude Sickness is no Joke!” Lady Gaga shared along with the photo. The 28 year old singer made these revelations on Instagram. “#hitThatHospitalS–t #artRaveDenver many true ravers crowd tonight,” Gaga added on her post.

Lady Gaga found herself in the need to seek for medical assistance after her ‘artRave: The ARTPOPBall’ world tour concert, which took place in this American city. It is not something unusual for people to suffer from the altitude sickness in Denver, so Lady Gaga is not an exception when it comes to this illness. 

Lady Gaga is much focused on her career now. The famous singer has actually worked at a duet album with jazz star Tony Bennett and she just loved the collaboration. Gaga claimed that this duet is “got this real sexy, powerful vibe to it, and it’s just because we’re having fun singing it.” The popular singer added that they both love jazz so much. 

“There might be 60 years between me and Tony, but there’s no distance between us when we sing jazz,” the famous singer said. The new album is named Cheek to Cheek and is set to be released on September 23. The first single of the album, Anything Goes, has become quite a success. It seems that Gaga and Tony Bennett are having a great time singing and recording for this project. 

Apparently, fans love the new project, so the album is expected to be quite successful. Hopefully, Gaga will feel better soon, to be able to go back on the stage and perform for her fans. The star is not the only celebrity who found itself in the need to cancel a performance due to an illness. This has also recently happened to Paul McCartney and Miley Cyrus. 

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