Lady Gaga Honored By Yoko Ono with Peace Award

This week, Lady Gaga was in Reykjavik, Iceland were she was honored by Yoko Ono with peace award LennonOno prize.

Although highly controversial in her shows, Lady Gaga is a worldwide activist. Yoko Ono set up a ceremony in Iceland this week to honor Lady Gaga with a peace award. The LennonOno Peace prize is awarded for people who are actively and intensely involved in promoting peace worldwide.

Yoko Ono handed the 26-year-old singer the peace award explaining her work as a peace activist helped change “the mental map” of the world. “Lady Gaga is in a position of a number one as a singer songwriter. And when you are number one you don’t want to risk yourself. And she did” Yoko Ono told the audience present at the event in Iceland.

Lady Gaga, dressed in a brown outfit, a black jacket and a witch hat gave Yoko Ono a big hug after being handed the puzzle-shaped peace award and $50,000. “I’m supremely honored to accept this grant and award today on behalf of the youth empowerment around the world” the Monster Queen said during her speech.

“I will be donating this grant to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and I will be working closely with them to ensure that the money goes specifically to those orphans and disadvantaged youth in America born with HIV or AIDS” Lady Gaga added. “I dare you to be compassionate in a cynical age” the 26-year-old singer later added.

It’s obviously not the first award that Lady Gaga has received for her charitable qualities. The Born This Way Foundation and Body Revolution 2013 campaign both received honors and appraisal. Many organizations called Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution campaign to be “a step in the right direction”.

To “make statements to advocate for overall health as she did in her ‘thank you’ letter rather than focus on the pressure to be thin” is “a wonderful message” said Susie Roman, programs’ director at the National Eating Disorders Association.

“Talking about eating disorders, talking about body image, talking about how women are viewed in the media, whether you like Lady Gaga’s music or not, it still at least gets attention for it” said Laura Discipio with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

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