Lady Gaga Forbes’ Cash Queen of the Year

She shocked people across the world, her unique style, fashion and pure eccentricity made her so popular that people often forget she’s more than just a colorful appearance. Yes, we’re talking about Lady Gaga here, so conflictual that people cannot take their eyes away. But fame and popularity make Lady Gaga Forbes’ Cash Queen of the year 2011.

Even if you don’t like the music genre she sings or truly despise the commercial, look-at-me vibe she has, the truth is that she makes you so curious that you cannot bear not to watch her latest video or check out what she wore at the latest MTV Awards. This curiosity Lady Gaga arises in people is truly the key success behind her huge revenues.

Forbes has recently published the Top-Earning Women in Music list for 2011. Top five women on the list are always on TV, on the radio and are constantly in the paparazzi flashes. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Rihanna had a very profitable year, but the eccentric Lady Gaga sets herself apart from the crowd.

According to Forbes, Lady Gaga scored a staggering $90 million this year alone, while the second top-earning woman in music was Taylor Swift with only $45 million. The others in the top continue the drop: Katy Perry with $44 million, Beyonce with $35 million and Rihanna with $29 million.

Forbes compiled data from Pollstar, RIAA and others, had industry insiders interviewed and in the end put together the earnings estimates between May 2010 to May 2011, before substracting agent and manager fees.

So, what did Lady Gaga so different from the others in the top? Well, Forbes doesn’t say much, except she “led the pack with a staggering $90 million total boosted by strong album sales, endorsements and an extremely lucrative world tour”. Hollywoodreporter.com estimates Lady Gaga won “over $5 for each of the pop provocateur’s nearly 17 million Twitter followers, or $2 a piece for her Facebook little monsters”.

Popmusiclife.com says Lady Gaga grossed $170 million on 137 shows in 22 countries over the past 12 months.

But, let’s just say, despite all critics and negative feedback, that Lady Gaga has the same appeal to public as Madonna or Oprah.

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