Lady Gaga First To Break The 20 Million Twitter Followers Mark

Whenever this girl focuses on something, be sure the results will be out of proportions. But that’s just how Lady Gaga is, and as eccentric, outstanding and breathtaking she’d like her life to be, everybody has her in the spotlight. In fact it’s quite hard to miss her. From her raw meat dress, to her outrageous outfits, Lady Gaga entices audiences like no other. Her latest outstanding success comes from Twitter. The singer is the first to break the 20 million Twitter followers mark.

It has become a universal truth. People cannot turn their eyes away from Lady Gaga. Even those that claim she’s not tasteful enough for them or aren’t fans of her music are enticed to check out her latest outfit or song. There’s something to this lady that lures people in. They get completely charmed and never forget about her. Her Twitter profile is perhaps the best example.

It’s not that easy to reach 20 million Twitter followers. Nobody has succeeded in doing that so far, and Lady Gaga isn’t the only celebrity to simply mesmerize. For instance, Justin Bieber, the idol of today’s teenage girls across the world, has only 18.11 million followers. Katy Perry is close by with 15.75 million followers. Even the world renowned and cherished Shakira only has 14.56 million Twitter fans, followed close by Rihanna’s 14.49 million subscribers.

To be fair it’s quite obvious why Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Shakira and Rihanna aren’t even close to the 20 million mark. They’re not Gaga in any way. Not keeping track of what this performer is up to, isn’t exactly what any of her little monsters would ever like to do. Yes, she calls her fans little monsters, and yet she has over 20 million on Twitter alone.

Lady Gaga opened her Twitter account on March 26 2008. She broke the 10 million mark in May 2011. It’s worth mentioning she was, once again, the first to ever break that mark. On Facebook, Gaga ranks with over eight million fans and Google+ keeps her connected with another 800,000. Plus, with her breaking the 20 million Twitter followers mark, she is bound to get more fans each hour. Now, who can outrank the Queen Monster?

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