Lady Gaga Cancels Concert In Indonesia Over Threats

Ahead of her Asian tour, Lady Gaga received several complaints regarding her bold performances. She was asked to tone a few things down, and even with her complying to “censorship”, Lady Gaga’s concert in Indonesia was still met by scrutiny. Eventually, Lady Gaga announced she’s canceling the concert in Indonesia over threats made by Islamic extremists.

Lady Gaga’s coming to Asia was exciting news for her fans over the seas. Her concert in Indonesia was highly sought for, as 52,000 tickets got sold-out in no time. The concert was set to take place next week, on June 3rd, and given that her previous gigs on her Asian tour were a success, the Indonesian concert was expected to take place on schedule.

The artist’s entire performance is created to spark controversy. That’s what Lady Gaga does. She’s the Monster Queen and is quite happy with that. However, as much as you’d imagine Asia would feel just like home for her, the Muslim extremists threatened with violence if her concerts do take place.

Indonesia is a country where Muslims are a majority. In a country with a population of 240 million, Muslim extremists have made the history books on several occasions.  For Lady Gaga that was trouble from day one. Originally, the Indonesian police refused to give organizers the required license for the concert. Their explanation was that Lady Gaga’s performance was too revealing and had too much nudity so she was asked to tone it down.

According to a Big Daddy lawyer, Minola Sebayang, Lady Gaga decided to cancel the concert in Indonesia. “With threats if the concert goes ahead, Lady Gaga’s side is calling off the concert. This is not only about Lady Gaga’s security, but extends to those who will be watching her”.

The biggest opposition against Lady Gaga comes from extremist group Islamic Defenders Front. They often referred to the controversial artist as “messenger of the devil” and threatened they will do everything they can to end the performance.

For her 52,000 fans in Indonesia, the news was an obvious disappointment. They turned against authorities and the extremist Muslims. Johnny Purba told Associated Press: “This only shows to the world how weak security forces are in this country, how police are afraid of a bunch of hard-liners. Gaga’s two-hour show will not hurt Indonesian Muslims”.

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