Lady Gaga Banned In The Indonesian Capital

After three Islamic groups expressed their objections against Lady Gaga, the singer’s concert in the Indonesian capital was banned, says Reuters. The artist’s style was described as “vulgar” and “satanic”, so the singer will no longer perform in Jakarta on June 3.

Lady Gaga’s world tour has caused numerous controversies because the artist is known for her eerie costumes and for her unusual stage performances. The majority of the problems she encountered so far have been in highly religious countries like South Korea and Indonesia. In fact, three Islamic groups from Jakarta have insisted during the past week that authorities should prevent Lady Gaga from concerting in the Indonesian capital.

According to the declarations of the Islamic groups, religious people find it hard to tolerate the behavior of the singer because she is too vulgar. They further stated that most of her onstage costumes consist of a pair of tight pants and a bra. In addition, Gaga has often claimed that she is the devil’s child and she uses her music to convey satanic messages; therefore, the Islamic groups will not allow the concert to take place.

Salim Alatas, the Jakarta head of hardline Islamic Defender Front, told the press that these religious groups are very serious about their demands and they should not be neglected. The discrepancy between the beliefs of the Jakarta inhabitants and the behavior of the singer is so big that it could lead to dangerous situations. As a consequence, Lady Gaga did not receive a permit to perform in the Indonesian capital.

Despite the criticism, ticket sales show that some people in Indonesia were looking forward to Lady Gaga’s performance. According to the Jakarta Post newspaper, more than 30,000 out of 40,000 tickets have been sold, their price ranging from 465,000 rupiah ($50.35) to 2.25 million rupiah ($240).

Lady Gaga’s reps did not make any comments in relation to the news. These events will not affect the singer’s schedule, so the rest of the concerts will be held as previously established.

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