Lady Gaga Announces New Album

Even though she is still performing during the “Born This Way Ball”, Lady Gaga announced her new album on Sunday. The artist didn’t reveal too many details about her fourth album, but she made sure everyone understood its name, according to the Insider.

Lady Gaga has no time for vacation. The singer is still busy hosting concerts all over the world as part of her much-publicized “Born This Way Ball”. Despite her busy schedule, the interpreter has, nevertheless, had time to prepare her fourth album which she announced on Sunday. As usual, Gaga took to the Twitterverse to inform her followers that the name of her latest album is ARTPOP after posting the message “New ink, new album”.

The artist further added that it is very important to write the name of the fourth album with capital letters. She did not provide any explanation for her request, except for the fact that details are very important. “It’s all in the details,” she concluded.

The album will be produced in collaboration with contributor Fernando Garibay, who has also helped Lady Gaga release “Born This Way”. He told MTV in a recent interview that she wants Gaga to outdo herself and the songs she creates with every new album she produces. Garbay knows that Gaga’s music has been unique so far, but he is convinced that she can do a lot more because she is young and very versatile. In addition, the new album hasn’t been completely elaborated, so they “have a lot of room to grow”.
There is, however, one song that Lady Gaga will most likely add on her ARTPOP album, namely, “Princess Die”. The single was included in many of her onstage performances during the “Born This Way Ball” and Lady Gaga seems to be very fond of it.

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