Lady Gaga accused of stealing “Born this way”

    Lady Gaga is accused of stealing “Born this way” song…again! Recently, there was something else that drew public attention upon Lady Gaga and this time it was not one of her strange and crazy outfits. It’s about her last song called “Born this way” and no, it’s not because is an incredibly good song, it’s because it might be plagiarized.

The rumors started to pop out less than a week ago, when some music fans (or maybe just Madonna’s) who have listened Gaga’s song, said that it’s very similar to Express Yourself by Madonna. There were several discussions on this topic, some said “Born this way” has nothing to to with “Express Yourself”, others said the similarities are obvious.
    Now, Gaga is again accused by plagiarism, and this time could end badly. A South Korean production team claims that her most recent single sounds like “Be happy” a song which they wrote for a nine-member South Korean girl group called SNSD.

The Korean band released the song last year on their album called “Oh!”. After listening to Gaga’s “Born This Way”, the production team E-Tribe are planning to contact the pop-star managers and ask for a legal investigation concerning the similarities between the two songs. A representative for E-tribe said: “I listened, and I do feel that there are similarities. The way the song flows and the arrangements are, honestly, the same.”    
    Users of YouTube made a video in which they put the two tracks together, in order to compare them. Listen to yourself and figure it out: just how obvious is the similarity between “Born this way” and “Be happy”?

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  1. These two songs are similar a bit, but no exactly. It seems to me the South Koren group is only taking claim to “Born this Way” due to it’s success! Their song “Oh” was released a year ago and frankly in music standards, that record is over! This is a way to get new revenue & attention for there group! That’s it!!! Let’s be honest, tons of records sound like other records, but they are different. If Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” sounds like anything, it’s Madonna’s legendary “Express Yourself”. But even then, Lady Gaga is the “New Madonna”!!!!!

  2. I am sorry but i don’t think many people have heard of SNSD, so what if it sounds like born this way, Lady gaga probably didn’t hear this song nor did the producers or anyone who worked on it. just another bunch of jealous people who can’t realize how amazing lady gaga really is!

  3. @Aaron E first of the SK band is very popular in Korea and in Asia so they don’t need to do what you’re saying. And it is so obvious if you listen to the video all way through without looking it sounds exactly the same you can’t tell the difference at all.

    Before people comment they should do their research!!

  4. “Similiar”?? You super GAGA fans really just make yourselves think and hear what you want… there’s no doubt about it, either if she personally intentionally took the song or not, the instrumentals are 95% dead on the same, an octave lower, but that just screams out shady to change just the octave. It’s not about her being bigger than the Korean group, they in their own right are big where they are from and it’s not about the money… “How amazing Lady GaGa really is”??? Watch and find out how a great star even steals…… this isn’t just a groove and a few notes like Satriani & Coldplay’s dispute…. pop stars today steal like a crazy, just like those whack Black Eye Peas, they are been under fire 3 or 4 times now and always the same thing, “oh people just jealous, or people just want money”… how would you feel if you came out with something and someone stole it and made tons of success off it and you didn’t get nothing?

  5. Can you all just appreciate the song for what it is. Born this way talks about equality and being true to yourself. Not hatred for your fellow man. I’m getting sick and tired by all of the haters in this world. So what if it does sound like the Madonna song or that K band. I honestly don’t care by your hate. because in my heart I know she wrote it to show her love to the gay community and her fans. Possibly you hate it because you hate gay people.

  6. Sure there are similarities between the two, and being quite fascinated with Asia, I’m well aware of SNSD. I’m also aware that Lady Gaga is quite a fan of Japan. I’m unsure if she is a fan of Korea, but K-Pop has popularity in Japan. It wasn’t too uncommon to walk into Tsutaya (Japanese music/video/game shop) and see/hear K-Pop music and music videos in the store.

    Keeping all of the above in mind, I still feel this is a stretch to say SNSD was a victim of plagiarism.

    In my opinion the musical direction of the two tracks are very different, and it comes out most in the vocals. I find myself more in line with the energy and direction that “Born This Way” goes. I’m no stranger to foreign music either. I’m actually quite fond of it. But I don’t find “Be Happy” nearly as catchy, and I’m not a fan of either SNSD or Lady Gaga.

    I see the point of Aaron E, Marie, and Chris Koche, but seems everybody is a bit to biased in one direction or another. (and I’m willing to bet Chris has some Lady Gaga hate, which I also used to have. Now I simply don’t mind the music.)

    The real test for all of this is to analyze the instrumental versions of each track and compare them that way. Running an amateur analysis on the final complete versions of both tracks is only going to bring mixed results.

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