Lack of drugs in prisons

Irene Testa meeting one afternoon in April to the Radical Party. I ask you to tell me what happened to the prison overcrowding and the Rebibbia among the few health guarantees to detainees. By Rita Bernardini MP have traveled to the prison in Rebibbia, where they had been reported that some prisoners were on hunger strike to show dissent against poor sanitary conditions in which they were forced to live. “When we asked to see him strike was now discontinued – Irene tells me – it seems that some of the claims claimed by 40 fasting, some of them with HIV, was accepted. He continued telling me another story, that of a boy who had contracted HIV than hepatitis and was also put in a cell with healthy children, which they had requested, exposed by the removal. Only after three weeks their demands were accepted.

“The current problem in our prisons – add – regards the administration of drugs, now the responsibility of the Regions.” The mechanism, in fact, the reform has, indeed, stuck. From being the same prison to spend the drugs, known as class C, is now no longer the case. “It is not even allowed to keep them in solitary – Irene tells me – but the problem arises for immigrants. Few prisoners working. Immigrants do not even have money for these drugs. ” The last dramatic event which focuses on concerns a 76 year old, ill with pancreatic cancer in advanced stages, in which there remained only two months old. But man was to remain in jail for a period of seven months for a residual penalty of ten years ago. “They had placed in a room with six other people without proper care. The judges – Irene says – in these cases should perform a series of alternative procedures. ” These extreme cases – sometimes inhuman traits – narrated by Irene Testa Agenda Coscioni are just a few of the many, so far from our daily lives, of which very rarely hear about, mostly when there are already too late to intervene.

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