Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar and Jordin Sparks Share Hallmark Christmas Movie Secrets

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The countdown to Christmas is in full swing — as well DailyGossip is celebrating the holiday with Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar and Jordin Sparks. The three stars of the Hallmark Channel’s 2021 programming reveal behind-the-scenes secrets as well as looking back on their most loved films that were made for television during the holiday decades.

Chabert is, for her part is as her character in the 11th annual Christmas flick in 2021, The Christmas At Castle Heart, which premieres on the 27th of November, which falls on a Saturday. As she talked about her experience shooting the film together with Stuart Townsend in Ireland, when asked which of her films she believes merits a sequel she chose the 2020’s Christmas Waltz.

“They all mean something special to me for different reasons, but I have to say Christmas Waltz was one of my favorites,” the Mean Girls star confessed. “And in the event that we decide to make a sequel, I believe it would be a lot of fun to find out where the characters went, and then to dance the same way again. It was a really personal challenge and I loved it so much. It would be a lot of enjoyable. Also, of course, the sequel to the Christmas story at Castle Heart now. We’re looking for an official ceremony royal.”

According to Chabert that she produces the production of her Hallmark Channel Christmas movies typically runs for 15 days.

“We have completed this challenge extremely quickly. We had two six-day weeksbefore we went to a shorter time,” she explained. “It’s an enormous amount of work to squeeze into just 15 days, and it’s awe-inspiring. It’s an amazing collaboration when everyone joins together and contributes their skills to create something amazing. I’m always amazed.”

Sparks was a victim of the same when she starred in the same way in her Hallmark first-ever show, A Christmas Treasure, that airs on Sunday, 7 November.

“We recorded it in just three and a half weeks. This means we were able to complete it fairly quick,” the American Idol star noted in a statement, noting it was “the sunshine is on for around 14 hours all day” at Vancouver. “So we’re able to take care of everything accomplished in a shorter period of. I certainly was exhausted but we were able to get the job completed. It was enjoyable.”

As Chabert as well as Candace Cameron Bure, McKellar is a Countdown to Christmas staple. You, Me & The Christmas Trees is a film that will kick off the 2021 holiday season on 22nd October It’s her seventh Christmas movie. It’s the christmas at Dollywood star has named the 2019 film she’d like revisit “I love Dolly Parton, I love Dollywood, I love the whole thing” However, she also enjoys the films that are based on royals.

“Crown for Christmas, I always thought that could use a sequel,” she revealed to Us. “It’s one of the most popular among fans, and it’s also one of my personal favorites and it’s so beautiful and entertaining and you know it’s an Cinderella story. It was a pleasure to be an governess, as I enjoy interacting with children. It’s a pleasure to be the researcher in the tree science film [You Me and The Christmas Trees[You, Me & The Christmas Trees]. As far as my characters’ professional lives [through the time], I conducted more research to prepare for this job than I have ever done in any other Christmas-themed film certainly, as I was determined to find out the issues my character was addressing and the reason.”

For more information on the counting down to Christmas, take a look at the video below.

Via US Magazine

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