Kyra Sedgwick Says Bernie Madoff Is A Sick Man


Bernie Madoff was so good convincing people to put their hope for a better financial future that he even got to Hollywood’s most famous. Actor Kevin Bacon was among the stars that were robbed by Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. In an interview with Piers Morgan, the actor’s wife, Kyra Sedwick says Bernie Madoff is a sick man.

Kyra Sedgwick’s show, “The Closer” is about to end. With only six episodes to go, everybody is curious about her upcoming projects. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick even talked about Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme that robbed her husband, Kevin Bacon of a significant amount of money.

Bernie Madoff has long become a dreaded man. Throughout the years, Madoff managed to steal $65 million from all the people that trusted him. Initially called a monster of the everyman, Madoff got even wealthy and respectful celebrities to sign in his Ponzi scheme. And Kevin Bacon was just one of those robbed. Steven Spielberg, John Malkovich and Larry King also trusted Madoff with their money. 

Kyra Sedgwick told Piers Morgan what Bernie Madoff did really irritated her. However, despite the hatred she once had towards Madoff, Sedgwick said she chose to be rational about it. “I see him as a sick man. And I see us adults who made a choice. And I see a lot of people who are so much worse off than we are, and I think that s**t happens”.

CNN’s Piers Morgan asked “The Closer” star if she’d put a bullet in Madoff if she’d ever have the chance. “He has a horrible life at this point. I think you hate him more than we do” said the actress.

In a recent press conference call, Kyra Sedgwick and the producer of “The Closer” James Duff talked about the show’s ending. Both of them believe “The Closer” will end in the right way. James Duff said Kyra Sedgwick gave him the “opportunity that most writers never have, which is the opportunity to end the show the way I’d always wanted to”. 

Kyra Sedgwick added she hopes that “The Closer” taught people to “have higher expectations of where their entertainment dollar can be spent”.


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