Kylie Jenner Wants to Get Married

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been a couple for quite some time and numerous rumors claimed that the two might even be ready to take their relationship to the next level. So, it has been claimed that Kylie and Tyga may want to get married.

Well, it surely seems that the rumors might be true after all, as this is not the first time when such claims have been made. Now, it has been said that actually Kylie is the one who wants to get married and is hurrying to have this ceremony performed in the near future. A new report from Hollywood Life claimed that Kylie has already planned her dream wedding with her boyfriend.

The report revealed that Kylie just cannot wait to become Tyga’s wife. The two stars have allegedly been a couple for no less than three years, although at first they refused to confirm that they were dating. “Kylie really, really wants to get married to Tyga,” an insider said according to the celebrity site. “She’s got weddings on the brain, and all she can think about is dresses, and rings, and honeymoons,” the same source went on to add.

So, what the insider revealed is that Kylie is waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her because she is already planning the wedding. The same insider also revealed some of the things that Kylie fears when it comes to her relationship with Tyga. The source claimed that she is afraid that Tyga is going to cheat on her. However, it seems that Kylie thinks that if she and the rapper would be married, this would not happen.

“She’s having a hard time with anxiety since he left, she worries a lot about all the girls around him,” the source explained about the time when Tyga has been on tour. The star is currently in Europe for his tour and Kylie did not accompany him, so it surely seems that things are not simple for the reality show star. Of course, the report was not confirmed and it is yet to see if Kylie and Tyga really plan on getting married in the near future.

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