Kylie Jenner Misses Tyga

According to several reports, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have separated. The two were a couple for quite some time, but it seems that things ended. However, despite the split, it has been claimed that Kylie really wants Tyga back. And although she was spotted attending a party, it has been claimed that Kylie is still very upset because of the separation from Tyga.

Kylie actually attended the birthday party of twins Sama and Haya Khadra. The event took place on Friday night. The star was of course the center of attention and she surely seemed to be enjoying a great time. However, she found no new love interest, as Kylie actually turned down “every guy in the place.”

“Kylie had a blast at Simi and Haze’s birthday party, but she kind of wound up with an emotional hangover the next day,” an insider said according to Hollywood Life. The same source explained that Kylie “stayed out super late, but in the morning she missed Tyga.” So, it surely seems that she is not over the famous rapper yet.

And no matter what her famous sisters tell her, Kylie still misses her former boyfriend. Allegedly, Kylie’s sisters told her that it is “normal and it’s just going to take time.” As imagined, Tyga was not at Sama and Haya’s party, but this does not mean that he stayed at home. Actually, the star was spotted at another party, for rapper Belly. The event was attended by Drake and Amber Rose, among others.

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