Kylie Jenner Dismisses Pregnancy Rumors

Despite the rumors that have been on lately indicating that Kylie Jenner was set to welcome a child, it seems that the claims are not true. Actually, the pregnancy reports were dismissed by no one else than Kylie, who claimed that the reports were totally untrue and she and Tyga are not going to become parents. 

So, the young Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was just tired of all the pregnancy rumors that have been on. Kylie took to Twitter to address the claims and dismiss all rumors that she was going to be a mom. “Omg. No I’m not pregnant. It’s been the same rumor for years & no baby…” she said in her social media post. “So when I decide to go to that next stage in my life…I’ll be the first to let you know…Not a weekly blog,” Kylie added. 

The star has meanwhile decided to delete the post. The star shared the message in response to a new report by In Touch, which claimed that Kylie was expecting a child with Tyga, whom Kylie has recently gotten back together with. The report went even further to talk about how the famous Kardashian-Jenner family has taken the news. 

So, the magazine revealed that Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, was not happy at all with the pregnancy. “Kris isn’t a big fan of the relationship,” an insider claimed according to In Touch. “But she knows that no one will be able to keep Kylie and Tyga apart.”

Well not only that she dismissed the rumors through a Twitter message, but Kylie also proved that the claims are not true with her latest public appearance. Kylie look spectacular as she showed her thin waist and there were surely no signs of a baby bump. 

Kylie and Tyga have been dealing with a series of rumors since their reconciliation. Some reports indicated that the reality show star has asked Tyga to move back in her house, as the rapper was still dealing with some financial problems. Another report claimed that Kim, Kylie’s sister, was not happy at all with the fact that the two were back together, as she was convinced that Tyga was not the right man for Kylie. 

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