Kylie Jenner and Tyga enjoy Movie Date

Without a doubt, it seems that things are going really well between Kylie Jenner and Tyga. The two are said to have recently reconciled and the pair was spotted together in Los Angeles, as they were enjoying a movie date. Kylie and Tyga seemed quite relaxed and the two were not trying to hide the fact that they are once again a couple. 

So, Kylie and Tyga enjoyed a date on Thursday night at a movie theater in Westwood, Los Angeles. The pair watched The Legend of Tarzan. The two were photographed during their outing and some pics obtained by X17online showed Kylie and Tyga touching each other kindly. She was wrapping her arm around Tyga as they were walking into the cinema. 

Of course, this was not their first date since the reconciliation. Tyga and Kylie were also spotted enjoying a dinner date in Nobu. The pair arrived together and left together. Without a doubt, their public appearances confirm all the rumors regarding their reconciliation. 

And it surely seems that the cheating rumors which recently emerged online are not true. Tyga was spotted this week in the company of a mystery woman. The lady and the rapper were seen together at a gas station. While Tyga was filling up his car, the lady waited in the vehicle. After the photos emerged online, rumors indicated that Tyga was already cheating on Kylie. 

Well, as these rumors seem untrue now, it looks that things are going great between Tyga and Kylie. Their reconciliation was no shock, as Tyga previously claimed that the possibility of getting back together was still there. The pair’s reconciliation became quite certain after they were spotted together in a video that Kim Kardashian shared online. 

Soon after, a report by People magazine indicated that Kylie has asked Tyga to move back into her home. “They’re officially dating again,” the source told People. The insider claimed that Kylie wanted to help her boyfriend, as he was still dealing with some financial problems, including unpaid taxes and other financial disputes. 

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