Kylie Jenner and Tyga Deal with Problems once Again

It seems that things are not working that well between Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga. The pair is dealing with so severe issues that Kylie actually asked Tyga to stay away from her. Allegedly, it all started when Tyga spent a night at a strip club. 

Kylie and Tyga have seemed quite close lately, but it seems that the famous reality show star was very upset with her boyfriend, after she found out about his night out.

The news was first reported by Hollywood Life, which claimed that Tyga was actually seen getting a wild lap dance at the strip club. Of course, Kylie was unpleasantly surprised when she was told about the escape. 

The celebrity site claimed that because of this, Tyga and Kylie have started to spend less and life time together. Now, Kylie apparently wants to keep the distance and the magazine claimed that she sees her boyfriend only once a week. Furthermore, Kylie seems to be much happier now that she is spending less time with Tyga. 

The pair has already been mostly apart since Tyga had moved out from Kylie’s home. Insiders told the magazine that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was actually happier “without him.” So, the report said that Kylie and Tyga were already spending less time together and this strip club escape made things so much worse. 

According to the reports, Tyga was spotted at a night strip club Ace of Diamonds, in Los Angeles, on Monday. “She sends his calls to voicemail and rarely texts with him. And the decision to stay away from him is even easier for Kylie when he spends his nights at strip clubs like he did this week,” the insider went to say. 

The source also said that another reason why it is quite difficult for this relationship to work is given by the fact that Kylie is quite independent and focusing on her career, while the relationship with Tyga is making things difficult. “With the success of her lip kitsand Instagram account, her empire is growing daily and she is becoming secure enough to be alone for a while,” the source concluded. 

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