Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula spill wedding details

Happily forever! After being forced to delay their wedding due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are now married -and are they are sharing the details of their wedding day.

For Cooke 39, being able to meet Batula 30, 30 who was waiting to take the aisle with him was the highlight of the wedding.

“It was like having goosebumps. I felt as if I was an uncontrollable ball of nerves but at that point it was all flawless,” he exclusively told DailyGossip in an interview on their new series, Winter House. “It’s exactly what you’d like it to feel. It was a teary eyed moment for me at times during this ceremony. However, I was able to get through it.”

Batula was also able to hold her tears throughout an emotional celebration.

“There were a lot of tears also leading up to the wedding, just like emotions and stress and breakdowns for no reason,” she wrote to Us. “I certainly cried a lot [while making my vows. I, like the other people, then began crying.”

They first began their relationship in the summer of 2018 said that the wedding day became more fun when everyone began to drink.

“I think everyone was very, very, very excited to be together,” the New Jersey native shared. “Instead of everyone going to the designated area we had before the ceremony, everyone kind of went right to the bar and started early.”

Cooke confirmed that the guests were drinking “copious amounts of alcohol” during the celebration of their nuptials.

“It was at a point where people just had full bottles of wine and spirits just on their tables during the reception,” Batula declared, prior to Batula laughed, “During dinner instead of the staff pouring you glasses of wine, they were just putting down bottles of wine on our table and it was like a free for all.”

Even though their wedding is now over they are now making plans for a honeymoon following their move “right back to work” after the wedding.

Who's the One Who Screamed? Who was the drunkest? Did Hannah Berner Reach Out? Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula spill wedding details
Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula on Summer House True Entertainment/Bravo

“I let my passport expire and we didn’t go on a honeymoon,” the Loverboy founder admitted to Us. Batula said she and her husband “spent the first two days as a newly married couple on the couch at my parents’ house.”

One person who did not attend their wedding in September was their ex- Summer House costar Hannah Berner. Cooke said that she believes that the “ship has sailed” in the sense of a reconciliation with their former co-star and Batula said she’s not seen anything from the comedian, 30 after their wedding.

The turbulent relationship between the group began in Season 5 on the Bravo series. On March 1, Berner said during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she was “cool with it” even if she didn’t get an invitation to a wedding.

Then, two months later Batula said to Us she was unsure what her relationship with Berner is now.

Who's the One Who Screamed? Who was the drunkest? Did Hannah Berner Reach Out? Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula spill wedding details
Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula arrive at BravoCon Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

“At this point, I’m more sad about, like, where our relationship has gone vs her being there or not,” she said to Us in the moment. “It’s an important day for us, and we want to feel surrounded positive energy and happiness. This isn’t really going to have an impact. … It’s actually more angry about the direction things have been and how they’ve got there.”

Winter House premieres on Bravo on Wednesday, October 20 on October 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Reporting by Christina Garibaldi

Via US Magazine

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