Kristin Chenoweth Quits “The Good Wife” Over Head Injury

A few weeks ago, Kristin Chenoweth was involved in a set accident that sent her to the hospital with a concussion. At that time nobody knew how serious the head injury was. This Monday, Kristin Chenoweth announced she quits “The Good Wife” over the head injury.

Last July, while filming for CBS’s “The Good Wife” in New York, Kristin Chenoweth suffered a blow to the head. A lighting equipment was removed from its place by what the studio claimed to be gust of wind and hit Kristen Chenoweth in the head. Apparently the head injury was more damaging than people imagined, because Kristin Chenoweth decided to leave the CBS show.

“It is with deep regret to inform everyone that due to my injuries, I am unable to return to ‘The Good Wife’ at this time” reads a statement from Kristin Chenoweth sent by her publicist to ABC News. “Getting better slowly and thank you everyone for your concern” the statement adds.

According to her rep, there is a chance Kristen Chenoweth’s departure from “The Good Wife” might be temporarily. The rep confirmed Kristen Chenoweth “may return in the future but right now she needs more time to heal”.

CBS Television says Kristen Chenoweth is welcomed to return to “The Good Wife” as soon as she feels up to it. “We enjoyed having Kristin on the show and would love to have her back when she’s feeling better” reads the network’s statement.

CBS’s “The Good Wife” is set to premiere September 30 its fourth season. Since early July, Kristen Chenoweth hasn’t been able to undertake filming as she was at home recovering. Kristen Chenoweth was playing a political reporter in the CBS drama that was about to take a closer look into the Florick campaign and marriage. But due the head injury and her quitting “The Good Wife”, Kristen Chenoweth’s character will appear only in the first episode of the fourth season, according to People.

Since the blow to her head on “The Good Wife” set, Kristen Chenoweth has kept mum on Twitter until July 24. The 43-year-old actress tweeted then: “Sounds dramatic: but im thankful to be here. I love this life! And am grateful!…I miss the crew and cast of The Good Wife. Love u guys. Xoxo”.

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