Kristen Stewart Says Robert Pattinson Is Her F**king Boyfriend

She looked so innocent and shy in the Twilight saga that the real Kristen Stewart is going to shock you with her potty mouth. In an interview with Elle magazine, Kristen Stewart talks about childhood, favorite book and acting. Plus, she slips about Robert Pattinson calling him her “f**king boyfriend”.

The relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson has been rumored to be more than just a friendly hang out. However, since none of the two former Twilight stars came forward about their romance, their relationship remained somehow a poor kept secret. There were several hints to their love life, but it wasn’t until Kristen Stewart’s interview with Elle magazine, we kind of got a confirmation.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s four years romance is without a question the worst kept Hollywood secret. You’d imagine they’d be ready by now to come clean about it, but Kristen Stewart’s innocent slip is a start.

During the interview with Elle Magazine, Kristen Stewart was browsing a book store. It was at that time when she came across the “Bel Ami” book and simply snapped out: “Oh my God, my f**king boyfriend just did this movie! The French, they’re up in arms that he did it”. The other time she let one slip, Kristen said her boyfriend is English.

At the moment, Kristen Stewart is working on “Snow White and the Hunstman” along with Charlize Theron. MTV News sat her down for a talk about her take on the scenario and acting partners in comparison with her experience shooting Twilight.

“When Rob, Taylor and I do interviews together, they usually don’t actually ask us anything. We just get to hang out and people like to watch that”, said Kristen. But with Charlize Theron there was a whole new experience: “With Charlize, it’s been great, because we’re so proud of the movie and we actually only worked together for three days, so we got to know each other probably more … during press”. “It’s been nice. It’s been fun” adds Kristen Stewart.

Of Charlize, Kristen Stewart also said she has a hilarious effect on people. “I love watching it happen. I do not have that. Maybe I have something else, but it’s definitely not as visceral. Also, she’s really hilarious”.

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  1. Kristin needs to watch her mouth when doing interviews. A lot of young people look up to her. Say that stuff in private if u want but try a little restraint. The word is overdone. She’ll end up being that actress with pretty face but potty mouth. I know others do it and I guess Hollywood’s that way but…

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