Kristen Stewart Is Forbes’ Highest Paid Actress

She might still be blasted by the media for her potty mouth or her said unwillingness to smile, but Kristen Stewart is one of the most popular actresses. Her connection with the audience and her acting skills got her the title of Forbes’ highest paid actress, putting the Hollywood Queen Angelia Jolie in the shadow.

She’d rather wear sneakers than stilettos and has a potty mouth that live television surely fears. But her boyish attitude got Kristen Stewart raving reviews from viewers. She’s a rebel in Hollywood and everybody loves her for that. Given her appeal, movie producers showered her in money. Kristen Stewart is Forbes’ highest paid actress, with some $34,5 million earnings in one year alone.

Only 22 years old and Kristen Stewart managed to put longtime actresses like Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron or Sarah Jessica Parker behind her. Cameron Diez is second to Kristen Stewart with $34 million, followed by Sandra Bullock with some $25 million. Once leader in Forbes’ highest paid actresses list, Angelina Jolie is now only on fourth, with $20 million.  Charlize Theron, recently starring in “Snow White and the Huntsman” closes the top 5 highest paid actress list with some $18 million.

Dorothy Pomerantz, head of bureau for Forbes Los Angeles, explains why Kristen Stewart is now the highest paid actress. “She is an up-and-coming star. She is earning a lot of money from one of the most successful franchises of all time. This is who you would expect to see right now” said Pomerantz.

Right now might be the key word describing Kristen Stewarts’ success. Kyle Smith writes on Forbes.com, that many other actresses got all the rage when their first hit movies got them the celebrity status. Jodie Foster, Halle Berry and Drew Barrymore were once in the top five highest paid actresses on Forbes list, but now they’ve almost disappeared from the list.

The estimate made by Forbes.com shows that actresses are paid less than men, even at Hollywood. The top 10 highest paid actress only made $200 million in one year, whereas men scored $361 million. “It is nowhere near what men are making. I think it will be a while until women see salary parity, if it ever happens” said Pomerantz. “Women are paid less in every industry, not just in Hollywood” she concludes.

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  1. Kristen isn’t unwilling to smile, she does it all the time, you media just choose to post the pics of her looking miserable or simply not smiling so people get that impression of her. Except her fans, of course, who know the truth. Kristen has stated many times she gets nervous doing certain things for promotional tours but she’s getting better at it. Just look at her in Australia this week!

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