Kristen Stewart Intimidated By Charlize Theron

Actress Kristen Stewart confessed in a recent interview for MTV that she was intimidated by Charlize Theron the whole time she worked with her on the set of “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Stewart realized that Theron is a powerful and independent woman the moment she met her, but they managed to get along very well during filming.

Charlize Theron might seem like an innocent blonde actress, but in reality she is much stronger than she looks like. Kristen Stewart and Sam Claflin have both confirmed this after working with the South African star for their new movie “Snow White and The Huntsman”. According to them, the actress took her role of Snow White’s step mother very seriously and she tore a stomach muscle because she screamed too much on the set.

It was not just Theron’s passion for acting that was intimidating, but also her determination. Although Claflin didn’t cross paths very often with Charlize during the filming, he realized that the 36-year-old star is a “strong-willed and independent woman”. His description was confirmed by Kristen Stewart who stated that the actress started giving directions for the movie as soon as she made her appearance on the set.

Kristen was actually curious to see how the relationship between the two will evolve by the end of the movie. She was afraid that their contrasting personalities will prevent them from getting along, but they soon realized that “opposites attract”. As a matter of fact, the directions provided by Theron enabled Kristen to better play her Snow White part.

Charlize could not make it to Sneak Peek Week, but she, nevertheless, sent a few words to her co-stars. She stated that there is a strong chemistry between her and Kristen Stewart. In addition, the “Young Adult” star confessed that she wished she had been in Sam’s shoes when he kissed Kristen. She concluded the interview by asking the “Twilight Saga” actress if she was willing to shoot the kissing scene with her, a question that most people described as weird.

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