Kristen Stewart Harassed By Hackers After Cheating Scandal

Fans can’t get enough of Kristen Stewart’s affair with “Snow White And The Huntsman” director, Rupert Sanders. A new rumor was spread on the Internet claiming that the “Twilight” star was harassed by hackers after the cheating scandal was made public, according to Hollywood Life.

Kristen Stewart is in the spotlight once again after a report claimed that the actress’ Gmail account was broken into by a hacker as soon as the cheating scandal was made public. Much to fans’ relief, the rumor was just a mock-up made by Ronald AngSiy, who created a fake image of Stewart’s email account containing funny messages from other celebrities.

The author of the pic explained that he often asked himself what other celebrities may say about Kristen now that her affair with director Sanders was revealed. The “Twilight” actress has been severely criticized by the media and by some of her fans, but that was not enough for Ronald. Therefore, he invented a series of funny messages coming from famous musicians, such as, Taylor Swift and Kanye West, as well as popular actors like Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon.

The pic was highly appreciated by online readers, which is why it was immediately shared on various Internet publications. Among the emails that were supposedly received on Kristen’s Gmail account is also one coming from Taylor Swift who asks permission to use the scandal as an inspiration for her songs. Kanye West wanted to let Stewart know that Brad and Angelina’s scandal was much more interesting than hers.

Getting inspiration from celebrities’ life, Ronald managed to invent some of the most amusing emails including the one from Tom Cruise who appears to thank Stewart for taking the limelight off him, that is, from diverting the media’s attention away from his divorce. In the end, the “Mission Impossible” star announced the actress that his church is holding a meeting, in case she wanted to come.

The rumor was ignored by Kristen who has probably grown used to being criticized for her mistake. However, her fans were quick to defend her saying that the whole discussion was blown out of proportions and that the actress’ rights are now violated.

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  1. Why dont you all leave the poor girl alone. For goodness sake she has hardly committed a crime – cheating on ones boyfriend at 22 is quite normal – married man or not. Give the girl a break. The real criminal is the married man! As for RPatz i think hes a wimp – he has let Kirsten face this constant barrage of criticism without so much as talking to her I am very disappointed in his behaviour – hes gone down in my estimation. Chin up Kirsten these bloodhounds will soon find someone else to hunt!

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