Kristen Stewart Calls Herself “A Miserable C—!”

Kristen Stewart was very harsh on herself during a recent interview with the Marie Claire UK magazine. The actress called herself “a miserable c—” because she can’t figure out what makes her happy, according to Us Weekly.

Kristen Stewart uttered the word that most people thought when her affair with director Rupert Sanders was revealed. However, the c-word that the actress used was not at all in relation to her past mistake, but in relation to the things that make her happy.

Stewart told reporters at the Marie Claire UK that she can’t name a thing that makes her feel good about herself. The “On The Road” star confessed that sometimes she is happy when she feels comfortable, whereas other times she prefers to push herself to the limits so she could feel content. The actress did not make any comments about her fling with Rupert Sanders, but bad mouths claim the self-portrait she offered for the British magazine might explain why the actress felt the need to jeopardize her three-year relationship with Robert Pattinson.

Being a risk-lover, Stewart nearly destroyed her relationship with the “Twilight” co-star when the press revealed that she had been seeing the married director. Pattinson initially announced that he will part ways with the actress, but eventually decided to take Kristen back. The two seem to have worked all their issues out, so Robert is not regretting his decision.

In spite of her undecided nature, Kristen thinks her feelings are absolutely normal because there are all kinds of happiness and she appreciates all of them. Among other aspects that were tackled during the interview was also the actress’ preference for fashion. She explained that her style is very different than the ones she has evinced so far in the movies. Kristen likes casual clothes, but she wouldn’t say she prefers to dress like Bella. On the other hand, being too sexy or too revealing doesn’t fit Kristen, either.

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