Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Might be Back Together

Fans of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson might be happy with the latest rumors. So, it has been claimed that the two famous actors are actually getting back together. The rumors emerged after Kristen separated from her previous life partner, Soko. The two ended their relationship last month. 

The new reconciliation rumors were reported by Christian Daily, which claimed that Kristen and Robert wanted to be together. The publication indicated that the actress was actually the one who “made some realizations about her former beau” the moment when she saw Robert at the Met Gala, back in May. 

Maybe, seeing Robert was what determined Kristen to end her romance with Soko. The report indicated that Kristen also realized that she did not have with Soko what she had with her former boyfriend, the Twilight star. Well, the news was not only reported by Christian Daily. Similar claims were made by Hollywood Life. 

So, Hollywood Life claimed that it talked to a source close to the actress, which said that Kristen realized how unique her connection with Robert was. “Seeing Rob at the Met Gala helped Kristen come to terms with ending her relationship with Soko. She realized that she still hasn’t found that deep connection with anyone since she was with Rob,” a source talking to the magazine claimed. 

The same insider went on to add that Kristen also realized now that Robert has always been her soulmate. “He was like her soulmate and that’s what she’s looking for in a relationship,” the insider explained. “Hanging out with Rob, even for just a small amount of time, reminded her that what she’s really yearning for is a soul bond. She’s ok with holding out until she finds that kind of love,” it concluded. 

Furthermore, reports said that Kristen and Robert have actually seen each other. Allegedly, the pair met up at coffeehouse in Los Angeles and the two seemed to be getting along quite well. Well, if the rumors are true or not, it is something yet to be found out, as the report has already been dismissed by Gossip Cop. Gossip Cop claimed that the whole story was untrue and Kristen and Robert had no plans on getting back together. 

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