Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Are Expecting!

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard announced on Monday that they are expecting their first child together. The couple doesn’t plan to tie the knot as they prefer to have children out of wedlock, instead, Us Weekly reports.

The couple, who recently featured in the movie “Hit & Run”, announced on Monday that they will soon become parents for the first time. The news was confirmed by Bell and Shepard’s reps which declared that they expect their first child to see the light of day in late spring.

Bell and Shepard began dating three years ago. During the filming of their latest flick, the couple declared that they were ready to start their own family and they realized they didn’t have to be married for that. They were invited several months ago during Larry King’s show to promote the movie “Hit & Run” and they stated back then that they both agree with the idea of having children out of wedlock. “It doesn’t really bother us,” the actress added.

Kristen considers herself married to Dax as the two have been very close in the past three years. In fact, they already wear the rings; they just didn’t want to organize a wedding ceremony because they think it is “too much stress”. Despite this, the couple doesn’t reject the idea of marriage completely. They would gladly walk down the aisle as long as marriage became legal for everyone. According to Bell, half of their friends are homosexual and they would feel much more comfortable during the party knowing that they can all celebrate the sanctity of marriage together. “It’s just kind of rude to invite everyone to a party for a right not everyone can hold,” she explained.

Wedding or no wedding, the first baby it’s on its way and the couple is getting ready to welcome him or her. They will definitely organize a baby shower in order to celebrate the special event.    

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