Kris Jenner Talks about her Ex

Last week rumors emerged saying that Bruce Jenner is dating Kris’s best friend. Naturally, according to these rumors Kris was really angry to find out about this relationship. 

However, it seems that at least one aspect from these rumors was untrue. Kris Jenner claimed that she really doesn’t care who is dating her former husband. The popular reality show star added that she “just want him to be happy.” 

“I don’t know who he’s dating,” Kris said. “He doesn’t like check in with me and give me a play by play, but it’s his life, and you just want the guy to be happy. You know, he’s still the father of two of my children. We’re friends,” she explained. 

“I think at some point in your life you have to make a decision to do what’s right for your family and the kids,” she said, adding that ” I think that we decided to be grownups…We’re just better apart than we are together, but we’re still really good friends.” The star made all these statements during an appearance on Today. 

Kris is actually very focused on her career now. In fact, the star just released her first cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites. Moreover, she claimed to be really happy, despite the split. Kris also claimed that she is really proud of her children and what they have done. 

Moreover, Kris talked about the rumors indicating that Bruce is “developing into a woman.” The beautiful 58 year old reality star said that these rumors are just “silly,” adding that this is something that has actually been said ever since the ’70s. 

So, Kris just wanted to make very clear the fact that she has no issue with the dating life of her former husband, claiming that who he dates actually is his own problem. Kris also revealed that since Bruce is the father of two of her children, she can only be good friends to her ex. This is not the first time when Kris says that she and her former husband are in great terms following the split.  

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