Kris Jenner sued over Wild Party Damages

Famous Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kris Jenner, will have to face another lawsuit. The star was sued by a Hollywood Hills owner, alleging that his mansion was damaged following a birthday party organized by Kris for her daughter Kendall Jenner. The home owner claimed that he suffered $101,450 loss because of the property’s damage due to the wild party. 

Consequently, Gabriel Fedida filed the lawsuit against Kris, seeking $150,000 in return to repair his house. According to the complaint, Kris was the one who rented the property.

Allegedly, Kris told him that the party that will be organized there will only have 15 guests, including just his daughter’s closest friends. However, the home owner alleged that it turned out being a wild party with hundreds of guests, loud music and even a stripper. 

As imagined, Kris did not comment on the litigation, but the fact that Kendell had a blast at the party is no secret. Immediately after her birthday blast, the beautiful star shared a series of photos on social media, showing how much fun she had. 

Well, in the past few weeks, the Kardashian-Jenner family has been under the radar with a series of news. For instance, Kris was said to be devastated after finding out that one of her security cameras was hacked. Allegedly, Kris received a phone call from her assistant, who let her know that the hacked video contained naked shots of her. Kris claimed that she was deeply affected by this. 

“I just want to cry right now. It’s so sick and twisted and I feel so violated,” Kris claimed. Well, while Kris seems to deal with some issues linked to privacy, her former husband, Bruce Jenner, has just came out as a transgender. Bruce made the revelation during a recent interview. In fact, this was the first time when he confirmed that he was transitioning to a woman, after several months of rumors and speculation. Bruce alleged that his entire family, including his former wife, have been extremely supportive with him. Kris and Bruce Jenner separated in 2014. Bruce claimed that he started his transitioning process about a year and a half ago.

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