Kris Jenner Says Kim Kardashian Shouldn’t Be An Actress

Isn’t it great when your family is supportive of your plans for the future?! Sources say that’s not exactly the case with the Kardashian family, as Kris Jenner believes that Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be an actress.

For months now people have argued that Kanye West has been encouraging Kim Kardashian to stop with the reality show and move on to more serious gigs, like becoming an actress. Mom Kris Jenner and also manager of the Kardashian sisters has a different future panned out for her daughter and acting isn’t part of it. Hollywood Life writes that Kris Jenner isn’t confident Kim Kardashian has what it takes to be an actress and would be better off if she’d stick with reality shows.

Kim Kardashian has already started her acting career with parts in three movies. With “Disaster Movie” and “Deep in the Valley” she dipped her toes in the industry, although many could argue she’s already a famous actress thanks to her “Superstar” sex tape. But (at least for now) Kim Kardashian isn’t interested about a career in XXX movie, although her voice won’t be a challenge to her acting career.

“Kris thinks Kim should stick to reality TV because she does not have the voice to make is [sic] as an actress” a source close the Kardashians told The Hollywood Life earlier this week. “Her voice is too whiney, so Kris thinks she should work with a vocal coach and an acting coach” the source added.

Based on the ratings her previous movies received, Kim Kardashian’s voice isn’t exactly the problem. “Disaster Movie” was rated at 2% rotten by Rottentomatoes.com, and since it isn’t just Kim Kardashian to blame for this failure, chances are all she needs is a good part. Plus, her boyfriend, Kanye West has been encouraging to start looking past the reality show.

“Kim does want to expand though – she wants to do more acting jobs and Kanye has been encouraging her to do just that” the family friend added. And according to a previous interview, Kim Kardashian has set her eyes on a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, although reality shows don’t count as acting gigs.

“I’m so competitive that I think that it would be a huge achievement and a goal that anyone would want. I would love to break that mold” she told V Magazine in September.

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