Kris Jenner Might Have Asked Kim To Do Sex Tape

Although the Kardashians no longer have anything to do with Kris Humphries, the basketball player continues to bring out rumors about his former wife. According to him, Kris Jenner asked Kim to produce the sex tape that made her famous, says Entertainment News.

The rumor that Kris Jenner might have asked her daughter, Kim Kardashian to produce the sex tape was spread by Kris Humphries’ ex-ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj. In a desperate attempt to diverse the media’s attention towards her, Sinanaj stated that Humphries told her everything about his former wife’s scandals.

Apparently, the 2003 sex tape was not a mistake, but a carefully planned move meant to make Kim Kardashian famous. The person who advised Kim to make the tape public was actually her mother. In fact, Kris Jenner was the director of the pornographic movie and she even asked Kim to do a re-shoot because she was not satisfied with the first filming.

Myla made many interesting declarations as a testimony for Humphries during his divorce trial. Among many other interesting details, she told people in the court that Jenner knew that her daughter was making a sex tape and instead of getting Kim back into her senses, she offered to help her make more money out of it.

The basketball player was shocked when he found out that the sex tape was not released to the public by Kim’s boyfriend, as everyone initially thought. Sinanaj recalls that Kris kept asking himself how can a mother do this to her own daughter. I mean, who would suspect a person who staged her own marriage would release a sex tape to make money?

The Kardashian clan, on the other hand, released an interview for TMZ and told the press that Kris Humphries is lying. The reality TV star claims that she never talked with her ex-husband about the sex tape because she was afraid that he might judge her for that.

Judging by the statements that Kris and Kim have recently made about each other, it looks like the trial is going to get really ugly. Meanwhile, we expect to hear many more similar declarations as the divorce depositions are set to start within a few days.


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