Kris Jenner dishes on her affair

Reality TV Magazine has convinced Kris Jenner to dish on her much-discussed marital affair. The star was recently placed in the center of the media attention because her deceased husband Robert Kardashian allegedly declared that Khloe wasn’t his real daughter. Read the full article to find out whether Kris’ mysterious lover is Khloe’s dad.

According to the declarations that Kris Jenner made during a previous interview, the affair took place in 1989. The boy toy was the renowned Hollywood animator Todd Waterman, who, in turn, admitted that he had an affair with Kris. The relationship lasted for a while considering that the Kardashian matriarch was still married back then. The two have declared that they had been romantically involved for a year and a half.

The affair was also discussed in Kris’ published book, but the name of the lover boy was changed to Ryan in order to protect his identity. Several paragraphs in the book describe how the reality TV star would juggle with domestic activities and scenes of intense passion. She also stated in the book that she would tell Robert, her ex-husband, that she was going to have lunch, whereas she was spending all day long with Ryan.

The data provided both by Kris and by her former lover, Todd Waterman, proves that Khloe is not his daughter. As a matter of fact, the “Khloe & Lamar” star was already five years old when the affair took place.

Skeptics, however, continue to sustain that Khloe may not be a real Kardashian. Their main argument: even though, Kris Jenner confessed that the affair took place after Khloe’s birth, this doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have been conceived with somebody else.

So far, the three sisters haven’t made any comments in relation to their mother’s declarations. The recent news comes to confirm what Kim stated on her Twitter page last week. The brunette defended her sister by saying that Khloe was already born when her mother had an affair, so she is by all means a Kardashian.

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