Kris Jenner Allegedly Threw Out Kanye West

It seems that Kanye West and his mother in law, Kris Jenner, are not getting along that well. In fact, the latest rumors have claimed that things are so bad that Kris Jenner actually decided to throw Kanye West out of the house. The rumor went further and claimed that since he was kicked out, Kanye has actually been living with his friends, Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

The news was first reported by In Touch, which claimed that Kanye has asked for help from Jay-Z and Beyonce, after an argument that he had with his mother in law.

An insider talking to In Touch claimed that “Kris and Kanye had a huge argument.” The source also said that the argument between the two started after Kris tried to reach an agreement with Puma, for her daughter Kylie Jenner. 

“It infuriated Kanye because he’s affiliated with rival Adidas,” the source said. “He blamed Kris, calling the deal the ultimate betrayal and labeled her a greedy money-grabber during a showdown that left his wife, Kim, a sobbing wreck,” it went on to add. The two got into a big fight, after which Kris kicked Kanye out of the house. 

It remains unclear what Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, had to say about this argument or the fact that her mom kicked out her husband. However, the insider said that Kanye and Kris have been dealing with some marriage issues and now those issues might get worse. “Now that Kanye is out of Kris’ house, the rift between him and Kim is even wider,” the source explained. 

So, since being kicked out, Kanye has reportedly been living with Jay-Z and Beyonce. “Kanye turned to Jay Z and Beyonce – and he moved in with them! It’s in Holmby Hills, miles away from Kris’ place and his family,” the source said. “He’s stayed there many nights since the argument.”

The famous family has not talked about these claims, so it is yet to see if the story will be confirmed or not. However, it is important to mention that this is not the first time when it is claimed that Kris and Kanye are not getting along that well. 

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