Kris Humphries talks about life after divorce

He’s been through a rough period of time in the past months given his brief and difficult marriage with Kim Kardashian and the basketball lockout, but Kris Humphries still found the power to talk about his life after divorce. The star confessed in a recent Access Hollywood interview that his faith in God helped him overcome all his problems.

The 27-year-old basketball player told reporters that he was able to move on with his life after the divorce thanks to his education and his family’s support. Humphries would have continued to be sad for a longer period of time if he had been locked out all the season. This way, he can focus on his basketball games and forget about all the other problems.

Unlike other people who go to psychologists, Humphries explained viewers that he uses basketball as a therapy. When he is on the field, the basketball star lets loose because he can focus on his game and not on other aspects in his life.

Speaking about his marriage with Kim Kardashian, Kris reassured reporters that his intentions were real, thus replying to those people who have claimed that the marriage was not authentic. The argument he used in support of his statement was that he learned from his childhood that money should not rule your life. As a consequence, the player would have never married Kim Kardashian for the sake of money and publicity.

The past events have determined Kris Humphries to pay more attention to his peers’ needs. He has founded the Humphries Foundation whose aim is to help people fight with obesity. The latest project presupposes the restoration of a basketball court in Minnesota, so children could benefit of a safe place where to practice their favorite sport.

Although many women scream with glee for the 27-year-old star when he is on the field, Humphries confessed that he is not seeing anyone at the moment. Moreover, the player is so focused on his game that he rarely hears the ladies that scream his name.

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