Kris Humphries not suing Kim Kardashian

NBA player Kris Humphries will not be suing ex-wife Kim Kardashian for saying showing bad things on TV about him. According to Us Weekly, the negative portrayal of Kris in the new season of E! Entertainment’s “Kourtney & Kim Take New York”, will not be the subject of a lawsuit.

Earlier this week, rumor had it that Kris Humphries had the intention of suing Kim Kardashian for 10 million dollars, because he expected to be portrayed in a negative light in the new season of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York”. But several sources confirmed that Humphries, who is currently out of work, is not planning any lawsuit, as he understands that he has no control over the editing of the video which E! decides to include in the season’s episodes.

Days after their divorce, Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother and agent, unveiled that the reason for which her daughter wanted to end the marriage was because of Kris’ bad behavior towards her. In a sneak peek of what the new episodes of the reality show includes, we can see the NBA player teasing Kim for her famous silhouette. Several sources have confirmed that Kris was belittling his wife, making her feel uncomfortable when they were in public, but when they were alone, also. “He tried to control Kim by bringing her down,” one insider tells Us Weekly. “One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

Kim and Kris got married this summer. Their marriage lasted only 72 days. Despite the accusations brought to the Kardashians, that they spent so much on the wedding just to gain more attention and also to gain financially from the event, Kim (backed by her mother) denies all those claims, saying that she married for love and she thought it was going to be forever.

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  1. its so unfortunate that the marriage dint last but since Kris doesnt value Kim, he obviously doesnt deserve her. Wats d point bein wiv soweone dat dont believe in u and sees u as a weaker vessel??

  2. Ready forJenner/Seacrest Scam Part II? Kris Humphries bought and paid for. He treats Kimmie badly garnering sympathy (and forgiveness for wedding hoax). The family once again takes the public for a ride while making millions and laughing at the stupidity of those who watch their shows and buy their products.

  3. I guess her sister Khloe was right. Kris is a jerk. But I don’t understand why Kim married him in the first place anyways then, if she already knew what he was like??? It’s said their marriage didn’t work out, but give me a break…Kim needs to take some responsibility.

  4. It’s sad that she is just wanting love and want find it. He seemed like a jerk on the episodes. I don’t blame Kim for wanting to get a divorce. She doesn’t need that. So glad he won’t be a part of the shows in the future because he was so annoying. I probably would have stopped watching because of him.

  5. Ok so just wanted to put my 2 cents in so glad she is finally seeing what everyone saw but was too scared to say it he’s a loser, disrespectful and annoying has been she deserves way better people want to talk about her making money on this blah blah blah she’s in the entertainment business this is what she does I believe she married out of love and was able to make money on it so be it that’s her business no one elses…. I think khloe was right I think he married her for money his intentions weren’t in the right place but it was just a matter of time before kim realized it everyone needs to get off her back people do this thing all the time hers just happens to be in front of millions of people that doesn’t make her different from anyone else its so annoying

  6. You guys. His not a jerk kim is also a spoil girl who doesn’t like to compromise. everyone who has common sense can figured this family will do anything for fame and their million dollar empire. Watch shows that are worth watching, not this talentless crap.

  7. You don’t just get married and think that everything will be a piece of cake because you love each other….marriage is hard work and these two idiots thought that 72 days was enough time to stop trying at their marriage. The first YEAR of marriage is the hardest, my first few months of my marriage were close to hell, but thats because you’re figuring out how to live as a couple. There is just no excuse for them, especially her she has been married once already and she should know what things to look out for. When you get married, you are to take it seriously….for Gods sake you promise to be together in sickness and in health….through thick and thin…..through….ANYTHING. and if you decided to give up on your marriage after just 3 months, you clearly shouldn’t have gotten married. But that just shows how Kim lives in a fantasy world. And yes, of course she’s going to be critized, why? Because not only is she known for being a spoiled reality brat, but also because marriage is supposed to be the ultimate sacred union between two people and she shit all over just like thousands of others in this country, again the fact that she’s a reality star doesn’t help her case because she, more than anyone, is under the scrutiny of people’s eyes. Shame on her and shame on him. She should feel like a failure..

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