Kris Humphries’ New Girlfriend Looks Like Kim Kardashian

Based on a recent report published by the Reality TV magazine, basketball player Kris Humphries might have found a new girlfriend. Even though the controversial NBA star claims that he has moved on from Kim Kardashian, his new partner, Myla looks very much like his former wife.

Kris Humphries seems to be into brunettes. This is the only explanation we have found for the fact that his new partner, Fatmire Sinanaj, also known as Myla is a close replica of his former wife, Kim Kardashian. The current girlfriend has long black tresses and dark skin just like the reality TV star. In addition, she wears similar hairstyles and outfits to the ones of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star.

Despite this, Kris denies that he still has a fling for his ex-wife. As a matter of fact, he even denies being involved in a relationship even though he and Myla have been spotted at various events together.

Sources have confirmed that the two started dating several months ago. According to them, the NBA star flew Myla to Miami to spend the weekend together. Humphries likes Myla to be present at all his games, which is why he bought her tickets to almost all his competitions.

TMZ spoke with Kris’ close friends who stated that the basketball player has been romantically involved with the 25-year-old brunette since January. Apparently, Humphries was ready to date again even though he declared that he prefers to be single for the moment. He met Myla during his stay at the five-star hotel in New York City where she used to work.

Kim Kardashian hasn’t made any comments in relation to Kris’ girlfriend and she probably won’t make any, either because she is involved in a beautiful relationship with singer Kanye West. The two started dating at the beginning of the year and their love story gets stronger and stronger with each tabloid article. According to Kim, the singer has been very supportive and very kind since the two started seeing each other. Kanye is always the first to lend Kim a helping hand when it comes to taking care of her stores.

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  1. we knew Kris had a girlfriend… Myla lives a few blocks from away in the Hastings Apt. ( down by Passaic river) in Rutherford NJ. Myla goes to the same salon as my sister..for a full body wax. She was there de-hairing herself “all over” before her Miami trip to meet Kris… SHE’S A JERSEY GIRL!!!

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