Kris Humphries Mocks Kanye West On Twitter

Paris and Menelaus had Helen, Kris Humphries and Kanye West have… Kim Kardashian. According to a recent report published by Us Weekly, the basketball player mocked Kim’s current boyfriend on his Twitter account.

For a brief period of time we all hoped Kim and Kris’s divorce will no longer be in the spotlight. Unfortunately, the beautiful dream came to an end on Tuesday when Kris Humphries took to Twitter to mock Kim’s partner, Kanye West.

Kris’ post was in reference to a verse that Kanye introduced in his song “Cold”. The singer said that the basketball player was lucky he didn’t ask the part-owner of the Nets, Jay-Z, to remove him from the team after the 72-day marriage. Humphries, however, signed a $24 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets for the following two years, so he felt like bragging about it on Twitter. He told his followers that he is at Brooklyn with Jay-Z and added West’s lyrics “lucky I didn’t have Jay drop [him] from the team”. The “lol” at the end of the message proved that Kris was amused by the singer’s childish behavior.

Despite the recent deal, Kris’ life hasn’t been easy in the past weeks. A woman named Myla Sinanaj told the press that she was pregnant with his baby, but later on, denied the claim. Just when Kris thought he escaped the paternity claim, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian announced that she will ask Myla to testify for her during the divorce process. The reality TV star wants to prove that Kris was not at all affected by their separation and she will rely on the woman’s testimony to do so.

This was not the only scandal that Humphries had to put up during the past month. Last week he had an argument with Kelly Osbourne who kicked him out of Beacher’s Madhouse in Los Angeles. The Fashion Police star did not provide any argument for her behavior except for the fact that she is a creative director and Beacher’s business partner, so she has the right to choose who can stay in their club and who cannot.

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