Kris Humphries Demands $7Million From Kim Kardashian

Their brief and much discussed wedding may be over, but Kris Humphries is determined to ask what is rightfully his. The basketball player demands $7 million from Kim Kardashian for the 72 days of marriage they had together. The reality TV star tried to reach an agreement with Humphries but he is not willing to change his mind.

Kris Humphries realized that being married to Kim Kardashian is one of the toughest challenges he had to overcome. As a matter of fact, the 72-day marriage was so dreadful that Humphries is asking the reality TV star to compensate him with $7 million. In other words, the basketball player and his financial advisor have calculated that he deserves $97,222 for every day he spent with Kim.

Kim’s spokespersons replied that the basketball player is trying to drag the wedding out in order to make more money and stay in the spotlight for a longer period of time. If he wanted the wedding to be completely forgotten, he would have accepted Kim’s offer. Instead, he tries to give bad mouths more reasons to gossip by saying that he wants $7 million so he wouldn’t talk about what really happened during the marriage.

According to Humphries, there was more to the wedding than what was shown on the reality TV shows “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”. Kim has to pay if he wants Humphries to keep the details of their relationship a secret. My guess is the two ex-lovers made a pact to share the money that they made out of the wedding, but Humphries changed his mind and is now asking for more. Careful with that, Humph, I’ve seen scenarios like that before and they never ended well for greedy guys like you. 

Kim Kardashian spoke about her wedding with Jay Leno during his March 20 show. She admitted that she made a mistake when she married Kris and that she should have listened to her parents. The voluptuous brunette insisted that she married Kris out of love and that their wedding was not a business.

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