Kris Humphries Delays Divorce Trial

Once utterly in love, Kris Humphries had a rough patch with Kim. Now that Kane West and Kim Kardashian are open about their love, it’s likely that Kris wants revenge. In the end, Amber Rose did accuse the rapper and the reality show star of cheating while Kim was still married to Kris. So, now, according to Kim’s attorneys (at least), Kris Humphries delays divorce trial.

For Kris Humphrey the short marriage with Kim Kardashian and the constant appearance in glossy media have probably been the worst thing that could have happened to his career. Fans booed him more than once during game, while specialty reporters have slashed him down for the association with Kim. It’s likely that his manager thought that’d be a good idea, but as it turns out, basketball buffs aren’t that big fans of Kim Kardashian.

Yesterday morning, Kim Kardashian and her lawyer had a meeting to talk about her divorce from Kris Humphries. The news was that Kris Humphries is pushing for a divorce trial, while Kim’s lawyers argued that the basketball player is only trying to delay it.

Laura Wesser is Kim’s divorce attorney. She told the court in Friday, that she considers Kris Humphries’ “personal feelings and maybe some media drive is keeping this case alive”. The hearing was set to assert whether the couple is eligible for divorce or not.

Kris and Kim split only 72 days after tying the knot. The reality show star lost no time and filed for divorce October 31. So, given that some six months have passed since then, the court was expected to approve the separation.

Although many of the glossy media reports say that Kris Humphries won’t sign the divorce papers because he might still have feeling for Kim, chances are he’s just getting revenge. In the end, Kim wasn’t exactly the dreamy wife, and her affair with Kanye is now confirmed by the two of them going public.

According to Radar Online, Kris Humphries actually wants a divorce trial, rather than a discrete and off the record settlement. Apparently, Kris just wants the truth from Kim. As one source close to the basketball player, all he wants is to have Kim apologize in public and admit “she only married him for television ratings”.

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