Kourtney Kardashian wants to Repair Romance with Scott Disick

Although only a few weeks ago reports indicated that the whole Kardashian family was really upset with Scott Disick for the way he treated his longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian and his three children, now it seems that the reality show star is ready to forgive him.

According to the latest reports, Kourtney actually regrets the fact that she ended her relationship with Scott and would be ready to take him back if he wanted to come to her. 

The news was first reported by Us Weekly, which claimed that Kourtney regrets that her relationship ended. The reality star is believed to be the one who ended things, after Scott left the family, being spotted partying with other women. Allegedly, Kourtney made the decision immediately after Scott was photographed with Chloe Bartoli, his former girlfriend. 

Now it seems that she changed her mind and she would be able to forgive Scott, if he comes back. Moreover, sources claimed that the only reason why Kourtney is seeking the sole custody of their three children is linked to the fact that she wanted to punish her former life partner.

“She hopes this will scare him enough to get help,” the insider said. It went on to add that Kourtney also hopes that the thought of being away from his kids would make Scott return to her. 

However, the insider revealed that Kourtney would take him back only if he would seek help for his issues. Scott allegedly checked into rehab this month, but he decided to leave the facility after a few hours, meaning that he probably decided that he did not need the help. Moreover, he seems to be doing quite well by himself. 

Actually, sources said that Kourtney was kind of shocked that her former life partner was not begging her to forgive him. So, it seems that he is happy alone, partying and enjoying a good time. Well, if Scott will finally realize that he wants his family back is yet to find out. Moreover, it is yet to find out if Kourtney would really forgive and take him back. 

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