Kourtney Kardashian Releases Footage From Penelope’s Birth

Despite the promise she made to keep the video of her second birth private, Kourtney Kardashian released footage from Penelope’s birth during the final episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. The reality TV star amazed viewers one more time by pulling the baby all by herself, says Us Weekly.

The news that Kourtney Kardashian pulled the baby all by herself during Penelope’s birth has made headlines in the major U.S. tabloids. This is not something new as the reality TV star did the same thing when she gave birth to her son, Mason Dash Disick, two years ago. Kourtney must have assumed people didn’t see something grouse in the past years, so she decided it was time to release footage from her second birth.

According to reporters at Us Weekly, who had the strength to view the entire video, the Kardashian sister filmed every single detail of the birth, including the moment when she reached her daughter and pulled her out. Scott Disick, Penelope’s father and Kourtney’s partner, as well as the majority of the Kardashian family members who were present at the scene managed to witness the entire birth without fainting or vomiting. In fact, Khloe, who was also present at Mason’s birth, reminded everyone that Kourtney has the tendency to “pull out her own children”.

Kourtney surprised everyone with her new birth footage because the entire scene was awfully quiet. She told reporters that she wanted to show people that not all births are as noisy as the ones people usually see in the movies. The mother of two confessed that the entire hospital was prepared for the filming of the video, so the place was very silent.

The footage ended with a funny exchange of lines between Mason and his mom. Kourtney introduced her baby girl, Penelope to the camera, but Mason corrected his mom by saying that her name is not Penelope, but sister. Similar interactions between Mason and Penelope could be introduced in the future episodes of the franchise as everyone thought the two kids were adorable.

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