Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant With Justin Bieber?

Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly set to welcome another child. And the latest rumors indicate that no one else than famous singer Justin Bieber might be the father of this baby. A new report by Life & Style indicated that Kourtney is five weeks pregnant. 

So, Life & Style claimed that Kourtney is set to become a mom once again, but the thing is that she is not sure who the father of this baby is. The report indicated that both Kourtney’s former life partner, Scott Disick, and Justin Bieber could have fathered this baby. Kourtney is said to have had a filing with Justin, after which she got back together with Scott. 

Furthermore, an insider talking to the celebrity site said that Kourtney actually is in a love triangle with Scott and Justin and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star doesn’t know what to do next. The insider said that when Kourtney told her family that she was pregnant, everyone thought it was Scott’s child. Well, the father of the baby is yet to be confirmed. 

“Then out of the blue, she jets off to spend time with Justin,” the source claimed of the time when Kourtney and Scott started to see each other, as her ex was trying to get her back. . “Her close friends and even her sisters aren’t sure anymore.” According to the report, both men would be happy to the welcoming a child with Kourtney. 

So, the site said that Scott and Justin both wanted this baby. Scott allegedly thinks that a baby would help him and Kourtney make things work easier. On the other hand, Justin would not mind having a child with Kourtney and “co-parenting a mini Bieber.” 

The insider claimed that although Kourtney doesn’t want this, most likely only a paternity test will be able to confirm who the father is. “This whole thing has her stressed out like you wouldn’t believe!” The celebrity trio has not commented on the report, but Gossip Cop came to dismiss the claims. So, according to them, the story published by Life & Style is untrue and Kourtney is not set to become a mom once again. 

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