Kourtney Kardashian is expecting a girl!

As you probably know from our previous articles, Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her second child with boyfriend Scott Disick. According to a recent report published by Us Weekly, the brunette is expecting a baby girl and is now in her fourth month.

Kourtney Kardashian was indulging in one of her favorite activities, that is, shopping on L.A.’s Robertson Boulevard while proudly displaying her growing baby bump on Tuesday. The 32-year-old reality star admitted in one of her previous interviews that her baby bump is much bigger than it used to be during the first pregnancy. She then, explained that this is a common symptom of the second pregnancy when the body is already accustomed with the specific changes.

Although this rumor hasn’t been confirmed by the star, a close friend of the celebrity stated that Kourtney is expecting a girl. The sources further added that, Kourtney, too, is hoping to have a girl because she thinks it’s nice that “she can dress her up and show her the ropes in life”. Even though she would like to have a girl, the reality star admits that having a boy is a wonderful experience.

It is not very clear from the source’s declarations whether Kourtney is actually having a girl or she only hopes so. Her reps told the press that Kourtney and Scott haven’t found out the gender of their second baby, yet.

Kardashians are widely known for their extravagant announcements, so the gender of the baby will most likely be revealed at a time and a place when they can get everyone’s attention. Judging by their past announcements, Kourtney will most likely wait for the new season of “Keep It Up With The Kardashians” to begin. This way, they have a subject that will boost the audience of their reality TV show and will keep viewers glued to the screen for a couple of more episodes.

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