Korean Christians Plan To Stop Lady Gaga’s “Pornographic” Show

Numerous Korean Christians have declared themselves displeased by the “pornographic” show that Lady Gaga was set to hold in South Korea this Friday. They have been protesting all week to prevent the singer from holding her show and some even plan to boycott Hyundai Card, says Reuters.

Lady Gaga triggered a lot of criticism in South Korea as a result of her obvious support towards gay communities. Christians in this region are determined to prevent the artist from hosting her show at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul because they think she is a bad influence for people in their country. The government has already banned minors from attending the concert, but protesters think this measure is not enough.

Yoon Jung-hoon, the reverend who planned the “Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga Concert”, told the press that Lady Gaga’s music may be acceptable in other cultures, but for South Koreans it is too much because it affects their religious beliefs. In his opinion, the show is too pornographic and homosexual to be viewed by adults.

South Korean residents represent one of the most Christian populations in Asia, after the Philippines. They believe homosexuality is immoral, so they cannot accept the 26-year-old singer’s song “Born This Way”. The song has become a gay anthem due to its lyrics which appear to celebrate the empowerment of gay men and women.

Lady Gaga is getting ready to start her “Born This Way” tour in Asia. The pop star wrote on her Twitter account that she is nervous for her concert. Despite protests, the singer told followers that she hopes she makes “little monsters happy and proud”.

Yoon Jung-hoon’s point of view seems to reflect the opinion of many other people in South Korea. In fact, the reverend managed to gather 5,000 supporters on Facebook thanks to his movement, “Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga Concert”. Like him, supporters believe that Lady Gaga should not be allowed to perform on stage. Moreover, some Christians have even suggested a boycott against Hyundai Card. In the end, Yoon said he will monitor the concert to identify homosexual content that could corrupt the minds of young people.

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