Kobo Glo HD, for reading enthusiasts

Usually, E-Readers are immune to the upgrade cycles that we meet in tablets and smartphones. There is always the same amount of RAM, internal storage and processor that is added, so unfortunately there is no innovation happening on the e-reader market. This means that the only reasons why upgrading may be worth it are resolution and software. Well, now, Kobo has announced the release of the new Kobo Glo HD. 

This new e-book reader is available on the market starting with 1 May and it will cost 130 dollars. At first, the e-book reader will only be found in the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Starting with 1 June, it will also be available in Italy, UK, Germany, Spain and Netherlands. Kobo Glo HD will have the weight of 180g, will be 9.2mm thick and measure 157 x 115mm.

It is very soft, easily fitting in an inside pocket, in a pair of jeans or in a jacket. Underneath the hood, it comes with a 1 GHZ processor and 4GB of internal storage. To be mentioned that when it is removed from the box, the E-reader has only 3.1GB of memory, because the OS takes up a lot of space. In the past, the company has given users the opportunity to add more space, by inserting an SD card, but now it seems that Kobo decided to not introduce this in the new model.

The new Kobo Glo HD has a 6-inch screen with a 1,448 x 1,072 resolution, which means that it offers a detailed 300 pixels per inch. The new e-reader is probably the sharpest e-book on the market. Compared with high-end devices, such as tablets or smartphones, which feature LCD screens, e-ink isn’t backlit, meaning there will not be any flicker to strain users’ eyes.

The Glo HD reads e-books in PDF, EPUB and MOBi formats. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Amazon’s Kindle service, but there are approximately 4.8 million titles at, and owners can also borrow free e-books from the local library website. The e-reader also supports HTML, TXT, RTF and XHTML files and image files like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.

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