Kobe helps Lakers win over Toronto

Kobe Bryant scored outstanding results during the Sunday game when he helped the Lakers win over Toronto Raptors. The competition was very strong, but the Los Angeles team outran their rivals with a 94-92 win.

Many sports analysts talked about Jeremy Lin’s ‘Linsanity’ on Sunday because they were preoccupied to see how the newcomer will handle the Tuesday game against the Raptors. Kobe Bryant made them forget the New York Knicks player when he saved his team with a last minute intervention. Lakers’ coach Mike Brown praised Bryant’s playing style telling the press that he always takes the ball whenever they have a one-point or two-point game.
Mike Brown further stated that he expected Bryant to do his best to win the Sunday game. Thanks to the All-Star player, the coach is more confident before the games. In fact, Kobe Bryant is recognized as one of NBA’s hardest working athletes and relentless perfectionist.

The Toronto Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan also confirmed that Bryant can be a ruthless competitor on the field. According to him, the Lakers player will do anything to take the adversaries’ “neck off” whether it is a scrimmage or a professional game. The location of the game doesn’t seem to matter, either, for the 33-year-old player will do everything in his power to defeat his opponents even if he plays against the Eskimos. 

Given his results during the Sunday game, analysts think it is wrong to compare the newly arrived Lin with the longtime running hit, Kobe Bryant. Although he earned the ‘Linsanity’ nickname, Jeremy Lin can only be qualified as a one-hit wonder for the moment.

Kobe Bryant played in 16 seasons during which he won various awards. He helped the Lakers win five championships and was rewarded with a league and a Most Valuable Player award. Even though he is 33 years old, the basketball player claims he is in his best shape. He would have liked to take on the heavy workload of another playoff of run followed by a bid for a gold medal at the London Olympics.

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