Kobe Bryant Sets Record In Chinese Charity Game

Kobe Bryant finished his 2012 season by setting a record at the Chinese charity game that took place over the weekend. The basketball player scored 68 points in less than 15 minutes entertaining the entire crowd that was present on court, says ABC News.

Kobe Bryant lived up to his reputation when he helped his team mates win the charity game held in Shanghai this weekend. Even though he was tired after the busy summer, the Los Angeles Lakers player managed to score 68 points in 15 minutes and dismantle the rivaling team. His job was not as difficult as usual because the other team consisted mainly of A-listers and entertainers.

Bryant’s fans were the first to hear about the basketball player’s achievements when he offered them a detailed description on his Facebook account. He stated that he was keen on dropping the 68 points because he wanted to test his stamina after his colleagues were down double digits in the first half.

The Chinese charity game may not have pushed Kobe’s abilities to the maximum, but it certainly offered him the chance to exercise his moves and get ready for his sixth title this fall. Until he starts a new season with the Lakers, Bryant will take part in several Nike projects in China. He is set to start a new marketing tour for the sports apparel company as he has done in the past seven years. These deals will enable Kobe to continue making money even after his on-court career is over.

Kobe Bryant will not end his basketball career anytime soon, considering that he is a talented and highly-appreciated player. His success comes from the fact that he puts the same passion in every game, no matter how big or how small the stake may be. In fact, Chinese fans loved him during the Shanghai game because he did his best to win the game and make a show.  

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