Knicks Lose Their ‘Linsanity’

Sports analysts at Reuters have all agreed that Knicks are gradually losing their ‘Linsanity’ as the New York team has suffered repeated defeats in the last period. The team marked their sixth loss during the Monday game against the Bulls that ended with a 104-99 score in favor of the latter.

Jeremy Lin’s recent results don’t rise up to New York fans’ expectations. On Monday, the Asian basketball player had difficulties scoring 15 points and eight assists against the Bulls. The Chicago team, on the other hand, seems to be crossing an ascending period given the numerous victories they have gained lately.

It wasn’t just Jeremy Lin who struggled to resists the Bulls. The entire New York team was ill-prepared for the Monday competition as none of their defense strategies worked to prevent the Chicago team from marking points. Derrick Rose was the main sensation from the Bulls as he continuously attacked Lin and his colleagues throughout the game. Statistics show that the basketball player added 32 points and seven assists to his career achievements on Monday.

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni was not pleased with the results of the match, either. He admitted that his team could not keep up with the continuous attacks that the Bulls have made upon some of his key players. In his opinion, the Knicks played very well for as long as they could, but they lost because of the second-chance points scored by the Bulls. In fact, New York led the game during the first three quarters, but was defeated right in the final moments of the game, thus making it difficult to turn the score in their favor.

New York had great results last month, especially due to Jeremy Lin’s playing skills. However, the team is now confronting with various schedule modifications because of Carmelo Anthony’s return from injury; hence their weak results. Chicago performed the same training sessions as they did before which enabled them to win 10 out of 11 games.

The Bulls started the Monday game with a 12-6 run, but it was Rose’s dunk that brought significant more points to the Chicago team. Rose explained reporters that he doesn’t like to dunk the ball, but he lost his temper during the game because he wasn’t receiving any calls. He further stated that he is willing to do everything to win no matter who his rivals may be.

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