Knicks Coach, Mike D’Antoni Resigns Under Managerial Pressure

Four years of hard work resulted in only three weeks of success for Knicks Coach, Mike D’Antoni. The brief success made Knicks manager even more desperate for results, and coach Mike D’Antoni took most of the blame. Under managerial pressure and a hard time making the team work together successfully Knicks Coach, Mike D’Antoni decided to resign.

On Wednesday, Mike D’Antoni announced he decided to resign as coach for the Knicks. At the end of almost four years, D’Antoni brought the team to peak performance only for three weeks. Now, D’Antoni is leaving a team with tremendous potential in danger of missing the NBA playoffs.

Jim Dolan, owner of the Knicks, told reporters at a news conference he had a talk with the D’Antoni Wednesday morning. “He clearly felt it was best for the organization if he were not to continue as coach of the team. He did offer to stay”, explained Dolan. But by the end of their talk it seems that both sides agreed “it was best for the organization to have new voice moving forward”.

The Wall Street Journal writes that D’Antoni was “a casualty of the forces generated by a mercurial owner perpetually rebuilding the roster, the caprice of a star player and the heightened expectations of a fan base desperate for a winner”. The truth is that at the end, D’Antoni struggled for about four years with the team to have only three successful weeks.

Without a doubt, Jeremy Lin is the player that will miss coach D’Antoni the most. “Obviously, I miss him a lot. What he did for me and my career, I’m not going to forget. I’m not going to forget what he did for me personally. Just very emotional and sad to see him go. I owe a lot to him”.

Rumors that the departure might have been caused by a friction between coach Mike D’Antoni and star player Carmelo Anthony have been obviously dismissed. Anthony recently recovered from an injury said: “I didn’t have anything to do with that. That was Coach’s decision”. He also mentioned that they “never had any issues”: “Any disagreements that he had with us as a team, we talked it out and went from there”.

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