Knee Surgery Cuts Greg Oden’s Season Short

Although the risk of suffering injuries is a given in today’s professional sports most such accidents can be easily treated. However, every now and then a much severe injury can lead to more significant recovery times. It is the case of Greg Oden, whose knee surgery will cut his season short.

But, for Trail Blazers center and former top pick Greg Oden knee injuries are old news. However, the additional setback can only hurt Oden’s morale. According to a press release from Portland Trail Blazers, on Monday Greg Oden had to undergo a minor procedure to remove debris from his left knee.

Unfortunately, the Vail, Colorado, surgeon found more damage and submitted Greg Oden to a microfracture knee surgery, that will add to the current setback. Bottom line, Greg Oden, the 7 foot former No. 1 pick in the 2007 NBA draft won’t get to play this season.

Trail Blazers President Larry Miller’s statement read: “It’s hard to put into words the heartbreak for everyone involved, but especially for Greg. He’s a young man who has experienced a great number of physical challenges in his playing career”. Miller called the additional surgery “yet another significant setback”, and declared the team has “a lot of empathy for Greg and his family during this difficult time”.

Acting general manager Chad Buchanan for Portland said that the team was aware there might be a possibility of additional damage before Greg Oden underwent the procedure. Buchanan said that although the latest injury does set back this professional basket player, Greg Oden is “still very young” and “he’s recovered from a couple of these before”, “so there’s no reason to think he couldn’t come back as long as he shows the work ethic and desire that he’s had in the past to come back”.

Coach Nate McMillan also seemed to sympathize with Greg Oden’s injury. He said: “I’m sure he’s saying, ‘Why Me?’ Sometimes in life, things like that happen, and you wonder why it’s happening to you (…) I’m sure it’s been a frustrating start for him”.

After the additional setback was confirmed, Oden and the team restructured the contract for this year, dropping from an $8.9 million offer to only $1.5 million.

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