Kit Harington to replace Robert Pattinson in Brimstone

Each new project that Kit Harington is associated with is a new disappointment for Game of Thrones fans. Of course, this disappointment raises from the fact that it just tears down all the hopes that they had with regard to Kit’s Game of Thrones character, Jon Show. People hoped that Jon Show will still be alive in the next season of the famous television series, although he was brutally murdered at the end of the last season’s episode. 

A series of debates have been going on online, with people saying that Jon Show will come back alive. However, if Kit has so many new projects, he is unlikely to be able to interpret the Jon Show character, despite what fans may want. 

So, now, it has been reveal that Kit has replaced Robert Pattinson in his role in Brimstone. Kit will be playing the role of an outlaw in this project, so it definitely sounds quite interesting. The famous actor also recently claimed that he would like to appear in Zoolander 2. It seems that he is a fan of Ben Stuller and would love to work with the famous actor. 

”Of course I would, I’m putting it out there, yeah. I’d like to play a character in ‘Zoolander 2’, I don’t want to play myself,” Kit claimed. Well, starring in a comedy is something that seems appealing to Kit, but the actor said that he would not be interested in starring in a romantic comedy. ”I’m not really a rom-com person, I really like farcical comedy like ‘Toast of London’ or Will Ferrell-style, really stupid s**t.”

Recently, Kit also opened up about his personal life. The actor confirmed the fact that he is single for now, but this does not mean that he would not like to find that special lady. “It’s about giving each other something, it’s giving something away and it should be a most unselfish act. It’s saying, ‘I’ve hired a little cottage somewhere. We’re going away! Surprise’!” the famous actor said. 

“I’m single and I have been for a while. And when I said that I’m a hopeless romantic, I’m trying not only to search for the love of my life, but to learn to be happy with myself and who I am as a person,” he went on to say. “Hopefully that lovely lady will come along one day. And although I love romance, I’m trying to live without it at the moment,” Kit concluded. 

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